What is the Kefir?

What is the Kefir?


Kefir is a kind of fermented milk. It has been drawing attention in recent years because multiple lactobacillus and yeasts symbiotically ferment. Kefir is fermented at a relatively low temperature and is traditionally eaten in the world with a mellow sour and distinctive flavor.


Reliable brand: NKG-Kefir


NKG-Kefir is NIHON KEFIA’s brand for about 40 years.
It is made by Japanese original fermented technology in domestic factory.
In addition, NIHON KEFIA is only company which manufactures kefir in Japan.


Features of NKG-Kefir


1, Enrichment of evidence

NKG kefir is currently being studied at universities including Kyushu National University, Nihon University and Hiroshima national University, and various efficacies are presented at academic conferences. We have a patent about the efficacy and production method of NKG-kefir.

2, Various lineup

In addition to foods and cosmetics, it can be powdered or liquefied with its own technology adjusting various needs.

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